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What is democracy, democracy

Democracy: -

"Demos" and "Kratos." The word democracy comes from these two Greek words. "Demos" means the people and "Kratos" means Rule. That is, democracy in the literal sense means the rule of the people. Abraham Lincoln says, "Democracy is about people, governance governed by the people and for the people.

Modern politicians favour using democracy in a wider sense. Democracy in the broadest sense means not just a government, but a social system, where time is prevalent in every field, political, social, economic. 

Democracy is also often seen as a vital aspect of life. Democracy is a kind of lifestyle that enhances people's respect for people, stimulates people in brotherhood, Engaging people in pursuit of happiness and peace, making people aware of their responsibilities.

People who believe in socialism do not agree to see democracy as a mere system from a sunscreen standpoint, Nor do they agree to restrict democracy as mere ideology.

According to them, ideals or true democracy can be established only when it is not just political, Equality and equality will prevail in every area of ​​society, socially, economically. In a discriminatory society, the majority of poor people will never be able to gain or enjoy political power.

So in such democracies, the public's name is practically handled by a handful of individuals. Lexi says, "Without democracy in the economic field, political democracy is meaningless". Likewise, Rabindranath said, "If there is no democracy in the social and economic fields, then in the political field, democracy becomes meaningless."

Marx and Engels have shown in the light of historical experience that in the past, the social system of production was concentrated in the hands of a handful of people in the political system In that case the class has been able to dominate.

So in such a society, democracy means a handful of democracy; Not everyone's democracy.

Those who believe that true democracy can be established only when there is no discrimination in society, there is no exploitation when everyone gets a real chance to develop his personality. In their opinion, democracy is the backbone of the socialist society.

Liberal Democracy: -

Liberal democracy, in general, means the traditional and conventional interpretation of democracy, Which has been recognized mainly in the world's most democratic countries. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the emerging bourgeois class, which embraced the political ideology that fought against socialism, was generally liberal Democracy says.

These three fundamentals of democracy are a sovereign adult franchise, majority rule and responsible governance Although the liberal democratic system is recognized, the interests of this class of democracy are preserved in the main and The interests of society are ignored. In a nutshell, liberal democracy is the political system of a democratic society.

Socialist democracy: -

Socialist democracy is the opposite of liberal democracy. The theoretical basis of this democracy is Marxism-Leninism. Socialist democracy is also known as proletarian democracy or proletarian dictatorship.

Socialist democracy eliminates ownership of private property and over products Ending economic inequality and exploitation by establishing social ownership.

In socialist democracy, all rights, including economic rights, are recognized and Appropriate measures are taken to ensure these rights are implemented.

In a socialist democracy, no political party other than the Communist Party has the preference for the interests of the workers and peasants.

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