Political theory and political philosophy

Discussion about political theory and political philosophy.

Political theory and political philosophy, political theory

Political Theory: -

Generally, "theory" refers to "some common principles formulated". So 'political theory' refers to the formulation of some general principles in political matters.  KKO said that political theory is all the assumptions and decisions that are made based on information collected by people's experience and expertise.

J. c. Field  Concerning the definition of political theory, it says that the things we mention about politics are brief, Full of coherence, the theoretical discussion is "political theory". According to him, the political theory is 'thorough analysis of the key sources for building a proper social life'.

Francis coker At its core, the political theory is, "The state, the government, and its various forms and functions, need eternal humanity, without being reviewed on a temporary basis."
The above definitions focus on two key elements of political theory----

1) Political theory is the basic idea of ​​politics and the way of the major issues. Such as states, political institutions, political parties, various ideologies, political structures, political appointments, Political participation etc.

2) Political theory is just a discussion of the present Not limited to, how to improve political life and its institutions try to answer the question of what their ideal appearance should be. Therefore, the political principle at the same time acts as a pragmatist and a moralist.

Political philosophy:-

Political philosophy refers to love for political knowledge. To analyze and help clarify ideas and suffixes used in various scriptures that seek the loss of philosophy in real life. From this point of view, the philosophy of political philosophy is to judge the un-used concepts of sovereignty, power, authority, time, justice, etc.

Philosophy is one of the oldest scriptures. At one time everything in the world was discussed in philosophy Thought to be content. Began is the philosophy of the rules that work in the process of thinking and enlightenment in the thinking of nature and human society in general.

The main purpose of philosophy is to analyze all these beliefs in a thorough judgment and to accept or reject them on the basis of logic. And the function of political philosophy is that of state and politics Judging various beliefs and meditations by logic.

D. D. Raphael Has said, political philosophy 5 Can be judged from a standpoint. 1) Scientific theory and philosophical theory 2) Critical evaluation of faith  3) Analysis of credentials 4) Philosophy and ideology 5) Sociological phenomenology.

In the prophet's vision, spiritual power is important to consciousness. According to the prophet philosophers, consciousness originated before matter.

At the centre of political philosophy is the financial and political status of the society. Society No political philosophy can be developed in a neutral way. The goal of any political philosophy is to preserve or alter the existing social order.

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