Piles disappear in just 3 days

 What are the piles What is piles, why is it and its remedy.

Piles disappear in just 3 days

What are the piles ?-

Piles are a very painful disorder. Anyone who knows what Piles is. Piles are a disorder that can lead to death if left untreated. Piles are in severe pain and blood flow during the rectum. Two types of piles. Internal and external. These two types of piles are very painful and harmful.

Why Piles? -

The first thing to say here is that the main source of all diseases is our stomach. All diseases arise from the stomach. That is to say, the stomach  Clear, All diseases disappeared.

The stomach that holds the dirt,That means a terrible disorder. To say it well is to say Indiesasen That is, the food is not well digested.

At present we are lazy in our working lives Do not pay special attention to the body or to the food. As a result of eating irregular food,Eating unhealthy foods, Irregular watering, Low water intake, Not getting enough rest, Get extra tea or coffee, Eating extra protein, Wake up the night, Insomnia, Don't do physical work  Due to the fact that the piles are created.

Besides, indigestion is the most important cause.Indigestion may not digest our food well The stomach that accumulates dirt as a result. The closet is not clean.In the long run this way, the pelvis in the stomach becomes dry and tight.

There is a lot of pressure on the part of the stool. Dry or stiff stools cause shortening inside or outside the anus, and oriental pain. In the long run this way, infections can cause small and large gut inside or outside the anus,The result is even more dire.

Ways to Prevent Piles: -

(1) One cup of milk A patileb Mix the juice and eat on an empty stomach in the morning. In this way, you will benefit from consuming three days to seven days. However, it is important to note that the milk does not brust.

(2) Also with a piece of banana Mix a piece of camphor and eat it. Don't chew. This way you can eat from three days to seven days.

(3) Now let's get to the root cause. Wake up every morning, Empty stomach and gloom Must drink two to three glasses of hot water. The hot water softens the closet and cleanses the stomach. Hot water increases digestive capacity.

(4) You should perform regular pranayama and yoga daily.Drinking before and after eating should not be done. Must drink water forty minutes before eating and one and a half hours after eating.

(5) Every morning on the sack Amla juice, aloe vera, and giloy juice. Drink more water, Drink three to four liters of water a day. Drinking less water will make the closet harder.

(6) Each time you eat five grams of anise will chew. All the time at night 200 ml Water 5-10g Triphala churna should be mixed with hot water.

What to eat and what not to eat if piles: -

Do not eat protein-rich foods at all. Such as meat, eggs and soybeans. Also do not eat eggplant and sausage. That is, do not eat foods that warm the stomach. Do not use in fast food.

Eat more fiber. One must eat guava every day.  Eat an apple in the morning. Eat green vegetables. Pumpkin, Lau, Cabbage, etc. Every morning 5-10g Eat ghee.

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