People's Revolution in China

The significance of the People's Revolution of the People's Republic of China.

People's Revolution in China,People's Revolution

One of the most significant events in the modern world etiquette is the establishment of democracy in China. Through the 'New Democratic Revolution' led by Mou Jedong 1949 Of the year, This new China was established in 1st October.

The New Democratic Revolution was also called the People's Revolution, because it was the revolutionary party led by the Communist Party of China, workers, peasants, intellectuals, Through the active participation of a large section of the Chinese people, including the bourgeoisie and the husband-bourgeoisie.

The impact of this People's Revolution in China is not limited to the internal affairs of China alone; This has particularly affected the liberation movement of other countries and the international situation as a whole.

The national significance of the People's Revolution in China: -

1)New types of revolution:

To the People's Revolution in China 1789 France's bourgeois revolution of the year or 1917 Russia's socialist revolution of the year cannot be reconciled with either, This is a new kind of revolution. This is not exactly a bourgeois revolution because the leadership of this mass uprising was not left in the hands of the bourgeoisie.

With the experience of a long struggle, the revolutionary people of China realized that The bourgeoisie is accustomed to compromise with imperialism and feudalism; This crap category does not have the will and time to wage a tough war against imperialism. The People's Revolution in China was able to reach this goal very successfully.

2) The second phase of the People's Revolution in China:

After the removal of imperialism and feudalism from the soil of China, the second phase of the People's Revolution began. In this second phase, the goal of the People's Revolution is to establish a socialist system.

1992 The fourteenth party congressional report in the year declared that China is now in the early stages of socialism And next 100 This situation will be present for years. Thus, China's People's Revolution moves from the colonial feudal level to the socialist stage An example may be called an intermediate stage.

3) Role of the Communist Party in the People's Revolution of China:

One of the keys to the success of the People's Revolution in China is the positive role of the Communist Party of China. This Communist Party, on the one hand, organized the working class of the country and On the other hand, revolutionary organizations have formed in rural areas with farmers; At the same time, the United Front has been formed with workers, peasants, intellectuals and patriarchs.

4) Chinese People's Revolution Proves Marxism Worth:

The Chinese people's revolution has proved that A)Marxism is not an obstacle, This is a creative work guide, B) Marxism applies not just to Europe, to any part of the world; That is, Marxism is a topic. C) Marxism is the starting point for the liberation of oppressed people from any part of the world.

5) Protection of ethnic interests:
One of the characteristics of Chinese society's life was the conflict between nations and ethnicities. But as a result of the mass uprising, mutual disputes between the different ethnic groups were eliminated and the friendship between them was strengthened.

The international significance of the People's Revolution in China: -

The People's Revolution in China has shaken international politics. The anti-imperialist movement of the world has created a tide in the court. This song has greatly stimulated anti-imperialist movements in various regions of the world including Asia, Africa, Latin America, Indochina.

With China's mass uprising, a quarter of the world's exploited people have achieved national liberation by tearing the chains of imperialist exploitation. As a result, the nature and balance of world politics have changed.

The movement of the liberation countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America as a result of China's mass uprisings has a fundamental bearing on the nature of global politics.

The imperial weaknesses of imperialist powers became apparent in the wake of the success of the Chinese People's Revolution. Under the tide of a mass movement, the imperialist forces are forced to retreat It is proved from this mass uprising.

The People's Revolution of China unleashes a gloomy aspect of the revolution's tactics to the working people of the world. 1917 Not only did the working class play a leading role in Russia's October Revolution of the year.

But despite the working-class leadership in the People's Revolution in China, the peasantry played a major role. The first way the country was taken to socialism was to end imperialist and feudal exploitation by recognizing it in the midst of mass uprisings.

The influence of the People's Revolution in China is not just confined to China, Shook the whole world.

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